in Dudley, Northumberland for sale

LAZY SPA/JACUZZI......led lights....Put some colour into your vegus lazy spa jacuzzi on these cold dark autumn/winter nights with these bright led lights. Your family especially your children will love to relax in a COLOURFUL hot bubbly jacuzzi. Fitted in minuets these lights come with a remote to change to any colour you like or gently fade through all the colours while you look up at the stars. Unused, Brand new complete with safe 12volt power supply and 5 metres of cable, can easily be taken out when you put your lazy spa away or just leave it fitted as long as your jacuzzi stays out. Can be fitted for a small charge if local but you will do it yourself with great ease. The pictures you see the lights are fitted to a VEGUS lazy spa/jacuzzi. You can't buy these from anywhere els. £65 ring/text Tim for more Information 07522257566...note lights only for sale not the jucuzzi